About Hasat


Hasat Foreign Trade And Representatives S.A. (Hasat) is a Foreign Trade / Representation company mainly active in borate minerals business since 1979. 

Hasat represents several American, European and Far Eastern companies purchasing raw and refined borate products from Turkey under yearly contracts. Hasat provides full service to these companies from the purchase agreement stage to the final delivery, including technical services and quality control.

Hasat has experienced staff in its high management and employees with degrees in Chemical and Glass Engineering, Geology, Business Management, etc.

Hasat operates a self-owned laboratory at Bandirma (bulk loading port for borates) for providing continuous and ensured quality control for borate shipments to its customers.

Besides boron products, Hasat also is active in trading minerals and commodities such as siderite (iron carbonate), sodium feldspar, zeolite and magnesite.