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KTL United Kingdom

Having rapidly grown since its establishment in 2019, KTL UK develops innovative, solution-based and cost-effective solutions for its clients, agents and other KTL offices around the world.

Based in central UK near Southampton, KTL UK offers expert transport services using all modes of transport.

With a wealth of experience, the company is adept at configuring fully managed and tailor-made packages to ensure cargoes reach any global destination on time.

The KTL UK team of 20 experts consists of more than twenty freight specialist teams to provide inbound and outbound freight services, including customs clearance, air, ocean and road freight services to many destinations around the world.

Supported by our worldwide KTL offices, KTL UK offers individual, tailor-made transport solutions to customers around the world. For customers looking for a logistics and transport company that operates using state-of-the-art technology, provides exceptional customer service and understands the complex and challenging world of global logistics, KTL UK is the ideal partner.

With decades of experience, KTL UK cooperates with trusted UK and global partners who deliver just-in-time, every time. The company ensures that logistics processes, which can sometimes be problematic, are handled efficiently, cost-effectively, with integrity and confidence. The KTL UK team is passionate about providing zero-error, reliable transport and other delivery solutions.

Myles Daly
Myles Daly Managing Director +44 01 489 884 151