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Our Limser Samurlu Depot Is Now Open!

Limser, Aliağa’daki İkinci Deposunu Samurlu’da Açtı! Our Limser Samurlu Depot Is Now Open! As LİMSER, we opened our second warehouse, the Samurlu depot in June in order to expand our activities, increase our service area and respond to your needs. The opening event of our new depot, which will play a major role in the uninterrupted operation of our services in the gulf, was held on Thursday, June 9 at Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek Hotel. Following the welcome and thank-you speech by Mr. Sina Kınay, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, plaques were presented by our General Manager Mr. Barış Dillioğlu. Plaques were given to the companies that have been our suppliers since our establishment. The evening continued with a speech by Limser Trade and Operations Manager Ms. Gülgün Dede, about Limser's successful activities and objectives and the goals that Samurlu Warehouse is expected to fulfill.

Our aims include services such as in-container filling and product storage, which will be increased in volume, as well as reducing the operational carbon footprint. In order to ensure sustainability in our warehousing services, we plan to reduce the carbon footprint by 50%.

As LİMSER, we have been serving you in the Aliağa region with our port operations and related logistics activities since 2009. With our experienced staff, numerous self-owned handling equipment and 800,000 TEUs operating capacity, we offer a wide range of services including CFS services, various ship operations, off-dock terminal and warehousing services.

LİMSER’s operational activities in Aliağa will continue to be offered by 4 different departments and 6 business lines, an open warehouse area of 50,000 square meters, 98 experienced staff and more than 20 self-owned handling equipment.