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Logistics Training in Foreign Trade in Adana from KINAY

KINAY recently conducted a successful "Logistics in Foreign Trade Training" session in Adana, shaping the future of the logistics industry. The training aimed at seamlessly integrating logistics and foreign trade by bringing together industry professionals and aspiring candidates.

Led by Ahmet Aytoğan, a prominent figure in the sector, the program covered crucial topics such as international transportation modes, customs procedures, and risk management. Participants gained comprehensive insights essential for success in the dynamic logistics industry.

The training went beyond theoretical knowledge, incorporating practical experiences through presentations by our Türkiye Customer Services Director, Tuba Uğur, and Air Freight Export Manager, Ülkü Çarkçı. This interactive approach enhanced the effectiveness of the training, providing participants with a richer learning experience.

Supported by our offices in Adana, Mersin, Iskenderun, and Istanbul, the training gained significance through the active engagement of participants. Once again, KINAY underscored its leading position in the sector and commitment to education through this event.