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KINAY's Magnificent Year-End Ball at Four Seasons Bosphorus

What's the most impressive way to welcome the new year? The KINAY family welcomed the new year with a spectacular Year-End Ball at the Four Seasons Bosphorus. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Bosphorus, the event provided unforgettable moments and a unique atmosphere,
featuring impressive decorations, exquisite tastes, and live music.

As the Kınay family, we left behind the year's fatigue and set the tone for a vibrant 2024. This event, which allowed us to start 2024 full of energy while relieving the stress of 2023, now has a special place in everyone's memory.

The celebration also marked the 100th anniversary of the Republic, infusing our ball with added meaning and pride.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the entire KINAY family whose participation, energy, and dance moves made this night unforgettable. We're excited to share our end-of-year video, capturing the joyous moments.