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Road Freight

Among the many different types of transportation around the world, road freight transport is decently preferred. One of the biggest reasons for this is that it is more economical compared to other transportation methods. So what are the types and other advantages of road freight transports?

What is Road Freight?

By definition, road freight means that commercial products are picked up from one place and delivered to the desired place via land. Road freight, which is one of the most basic methods of logistics, can be expressed as the first transportation method used in the world. Before sea, air and railway transportation appeared, road freight transports were used. Although new types of transportation have emerged with the development of technology, highway transports has been continuously developed. The sector, which closely follows technological developments, continues to grow in the light of innovations. To answer “What is road freight?” question in more detail; it is to transport commercial products cheaply, safely and quickly by land vehicles from the point where they were received to the place where they will be delivered within a certain period of time. Road freight is the form of logistics used in both domestic and international transportation. Low cost and ease of transportation are the biggest advantages on short-distance roads, while trust and experience come to the fore in international road freight transport. International road freight transport is the transportation of products from one country to another by land in an easy and reliable way. The transportation of different products such as liquids, gases, dangerous goods in road freight transport requires different documents, precautions and transportation methods. In addition, there are vehicles in different capacities such as tilt truck, tilt optima truck and jumbo truck in the wide fleet used in transportation. In this way, it is possible to choose the most suitable vehicle for your needs.

Advantages of Road Freight

Road freight transport is the most advantageous transportation method considering many factors from time to cost to ease of transportation to experience. The main advantages of road freight transport are as follows:
  • The fact that transportation can be provided almost anywhere by land is one of the biggest advantages of this type of transportation.
  • It provides ease of transportation on short-distance roads.
  • It has a lower cost and higher accessibility compared to air freight.
  • It does not take time to load and unload the products in road freight transportation. However, in other transportation methods, this process requires a little more time.
  • In road freight transport, loading and unloading operations can be performed at the desired location, i.e. piecemeal transportation. This feature provides a great convenience both during transportation and delivery.
  • In road freight transport, most of the transportation process is carried out by trucks. Thanks to this, it is possible to transport a larger volume of products.
  • It provides much faster transportation compared to ocean freight.
  • Since road freight transportation is the most preferred transportation method, it is open to intelligent solutions and can be integrated with new generation technologies.
  • In other transportation methods such as air, sea and railway routes, there is also a need for land routes to deliver products to port and airport locations.
  • In road freight transport with a wide variety of vehicles, there is no problem of finding vehicles suitable for loads. Suitable products are transported easily with vehicle types such as tilted jumbo trucks and mega trucks, and they are delivered safely and on time.

What is FTL?

FTL is an abbreviation for the concept of Full Truck Load. It is a concept used for transportation where a truck fully fills its carrying capacity. It is widely used as a full load in Turkish. Complete freight transportation is an extremely convenient method for both the transport company, the driver and the employer. With FTL, the driver does not waste time on operations such as filling and unloading the cargo and ensuring its safety. Reaching the buyer directly is the fastest shipping option for the employer. In addition, the shipping company will not incur additional costs due to the waiting times between invoicing, decoupling and loading and unloading. The main advantages of FTL transportation are:
  • The fact that the transported products go directly to the unloading point instead of different routes speeds up the operation.
  • The collection of the transported product in one place prevents incomplete or incorrect operations.
  • In full load transportation, the fact that the vehicles are fully filled provides a cost advantage.

What is LTL?

LTL is an abbreviation of the concept of "Less Than Truckload". LTL, which is the opposite of FTL transportation, is called partial load in the logistics sector. Partial load is used in the sector in the sense of completing the remaining capacity of a truck with a low load in order to make a profit from transportation. With this method, the products that need to reach the same route are loaded into the same vehicle and the transportation cost is reduced. Although it seems possible for the shipper to earn more money with a large number of partial loads, the waiting times caused by this method may lead to an increase in the total shipping time. The main advantages of LTL Transportation are:
  • Vehicles are prevented from returning empty or with insufficient load.
  • LTL transport allows the safe transportation of products that cannot fill a container to different locations.
  • By minimizing the waiting process that occurs during the loading of vehicles, LTL transport makes a more mobile transportation possible.

Road Freight in Kınay

Kınay is a well-established company with 77 years of experience dating back to A. Rıza Kınay Shipping Agency established in 1946. After the rise it has achieved in ocean and sea freight transportation, it continues to operate in the fields of international transportation and logistics, port services, ship agency, loading, unloading, storage and international trade, ship leasing and brokerage.

Road freight transportation in Kınay started with the establishment of Kınay Transport and Logistics Inc. in 2005. Kınay Transport and Logistics Inc., which provides international transportation and logistics services worldwide, has become one of the leading names in the logistics sector in Türkiye. It offers privileged service to its customers with the confidence and experience it offers in international road freight transport services. Providing service with its experienced staff of nearly 200 personnel, Kınay Transport and Logistics Inc. continues its investments in many areas such as warehouse, equipment, office and port. You can take a look at the services offered by Kınay Transport and Logistics Inc. and evaluate the solutions for your needs. 

Road freight transport in Kınay brings the door-to-door service concept to all parts of the world safely and on time. It aims to provide the best service with the type, quality and transportation options of the service offered in international road freight transportation. It aims to provide a quality logistics experience by prioritizing customer satisfaction. In order to meet the needs and requests of customers, it offers different transportation services such as partial truck transportation, express truck transportation, dangerous goods (ADR) transportation. In addition to various transportation services, it also provides customized logistics solutions for transporting products such as textile products, liquid food, medical materials, machinery and components, mines, breakable products, automotive spare parts. It makes a difference in road freight transportation with its reliable infrastructure and sound customer relationship management by taking into account the characteristics of the transported cargo. You can get information about Kınay's road freight transport service and benefit from smart logistics solutions.