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Road Freight

Road Freight
Road Freight With the type and quality of our service and the transport options we provide in road freight, we aim to deliver satisfaction and quality and the best logistics experience to our customers.

  • Less than truckload transportation
  • Full truckload transportation
  • Express truck transportation
  • Refrigerated truck transportation
  • Intermodal container transportation
  • Minivan transportation
  • Out of gauge transportation
  • Hanging textile transportation
  • Dangerous Goods (ADR) transportation
In order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in a timely and suitable way, we offer customized logistics solutions as well as a variety of transport options. We make a difference in road freight by providing value-added services such as a reliable infrastructure, technological solutions and strong customer relations management, and by considering the characteristics and safety of the cargo, such as automotive spare parts, machinery and components, dry food, raw materials, packaging materials, textile products, fragile products, furniture, live plants, liquid food, fresh produce, hazardous materials, scrap, mining products, medical materials and products.

In the last 3 years
5,000 loaded vehicles
120,000 tons of cargo
425,000 m3 volume
165.000 Euro Pallet

The Countries Our Fleet Has Reached
Europe, Scandinavian countries, North Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkic Republics, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan.