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Feeder Service

Feeder Service
Feeder Service
Our service and the transport options we provide in feeder/ocean freight, we have been aiming to deliver satisfaction and quality and the best logistics experience to our customers since 2011.

  • Empty/full container transportation (import and export containers)
  • Cabotage domestic transportation (Eti Maden, marble and chrome ore)
  • IMO transportation
  • Flat track/open top overflow transportation
  • Reefer transportation
  • Open load (marble etc.)
In order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in a timely and suitable manner, we provide cabotage and Feeder service between the ports of the Marmara Sea. İstanbul, with 6 main commercial areas in the Marmara Region, is the region we frequent the most. We carry out an average of 6-7 trips per week to this region.

  • İstanbul (Ambarlı and Haydarpaşa)
  • Kocaeli (Izmit)
  • Bursa (Gemlik)
  • Bandırma
  • Tekirdağ (Asyaport)
  • Marmara Island (Mainly marble shipments)
  • Empty capacity 154 TEUs
  • Full capacity 118 TEUs / 3030 gross tons
  • Empty capacity 154 TEUs
  • Full capacity 118 TEUs / 3380 gross tons
Please click here for our Marmara Feeder Program.