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A. Rıza Kınay Shipping Agencies and Trading, Inc.

Ali Rıza Kınay Shipping Agencies and Trading, Inc.

A. Rıza Kınay Shipping Agency (ARK) was founded by Mr. Ali Rıza Kınay in 1946 . ARK started its operations in Bandırma, and expanded throughout the years to have the largest network of offices of any agent in Türkiye.

We aim to be the best in everything we do.
With the right investments, quality, trust-oriented business approach and values it has adopted, 75 years of experience and competent teams, ARK offers 24/7 full agency service to global and local ship owners, charterers and technical managers calling at Turkish ports, straits and shipyards.

Oil, Gas and Chemical Tanker Agency Service
ARK serves more than 600 oil, gas and chemical tankers annually at Turkish terminals, refineries, ports and straits with offices located in different locations.

Bulk Agency Service ARK serves more than 2500 Break Bulk vessels annually in Turkish ports and straits. The company is among the top three port agency service providers in Türkiye.

Offshore Agency Service
During offshore operations, ARK's main activity is to connect ships and towers to shore bases. Keeping abreast of the latest global technologies and other practices, ARK provides its clients with fully equipped facilities adapted to offshore operations to establish a fast and secure connection from onshore bases to project sites.

Protective Agency Service
ARK provides separate protective agency services to ship and cargo owners. In this context, it provides the necessary agency service for the best protection of the interests of both parties. This service prevents conflicts of interest that may arise during the ship's call at the port.

Shipyard Agency Service
In case of any repair request including dry docking or special survey, ARK offers repair service agency in Yalova/Izmit and Tuzla/Istanbul repair regions in well-organized shipyards.

Husbandry Agency Service
ARK provides Husbandry Agency service in all Turkish ports and straits. Taking into consideration the parameters of quality service, customer satisfaction, time and cost, the company provides services in many areas from crew management to spare parts, fuel and food supply.

  • Staff exchange
  • Transfer to health facilities for officers and staff
  • Fuel supply and coordination
  • Food and spare parts supply and delivery organization by motorboat
  • Customs procedures and ship-delivery of spare parts
  • Procurement of navigational literature (map, ship materials, etc.)
  • Fresh water supply
  • Cash to master
  • Organization of garbage collection from the ship