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Our Human Resources Policy
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Our Human Resources Policy

As KINAY, we attach great importance to investing in people, and we believe that human resources are our most valuable asset that will set us apart from our competition and ensure the continuous development of our organization. Today, the success we have achieved with all our companies is thanks to the effortless work of our colleagues throughout the years.

We value employee satisfaction and loyalty providing a first-class work environment for our colleagues. We aim to continuously raise the bar in quality, by providing resources that will contribute to the personal development of our colleagues in line with their abilities, by creating an organization that adheres to progressive working standards, by providing an effective communication environment and by spreading the mentality to always ask “How can I do better?”

With the awareness that continuous corporate success is only possible with highly motivated, solution-oriented and committed colleagues, we use the qualified human resources we recruit in the most efficient and effective way, in line with our goals and strategies, and increase our corporate performance day by day. Today, the quality of the service KINAY provides to its customers is determined by intelligent, solution-oriented, well-intentioned, hardworking colleagues who are able to establish and operate their own systems.