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Air Freight

Air Freight
Air Freight IMPORTS
With our overseas offices, agencies and agreements with airlines, we provide conditions based on competitive pricing and timely operation for import organizations based on air freight, and we aim to create unconditional customer satisfaction with our long-standing experience in consolidation and our experienced team.

In addition to the shipments we organize from Türkiye, we strive to provide the best service for import organizations from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan, with the consolidation services we offer especially for Far East departures.

  • Import and export shipments with consolidated/special services
  • Transit loading shipments
  • Live animal transports
  • Perishable cargo shipments
  • Organizations with express/standard/economical service options
  • Experienced operations team
  • Order management and cargo tracking system
  • Strong office and agency network worldwide
We provide logistical support for your import shipments through air freight, with the knowledge that these require rapid service. We aim to help you make more competitive decisions in supply chain management, and to alleviate your concerns by offering services based on cost-effectiveness and timeliness.

In the shipment of textile, food, medical, energy, automotive, chemical, technology, defense industry products, our team opts for the delivery option that is the fastest, the most secure and has the lowest cost, follows the shipment process from beginning to end and provides continuous updates.

In air exports, our current monthly freight transport volume is around 500 tons. We offer air freight services with the assurance of KTL for the shipment of your various cargos, including textiles, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, industrial kitchen equipment, lighting units, fair and exhibition goods, especially to Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Kenya, India, Brazil and Africa, which comprised a major part of our business in 2021.