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Our goal is; whole world!
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About Us

About Us KINAY, while breaking new grounds for Turkish maritime since its establishment, has become one of the leading player in the sector with its values, investments, human-oriented business approach and quality standards. In the light of the success it has achieved in shipping and ocean freight, KINAY expanded its offerings to include air and road services boosted by a wide service network, a seasoned team of experts and reputable partners around the world.

We combine our knowhow with 78 years of experience and provide a high standard of service in the logistics sector.

KINAY tracks back its origin to the group’s first company, A. Rıza Kınay Shipping Agencies founded in 1946. KINAY through its seven companies established in Türkiye and six overseas subsidiaries operates in the fields of ship agencies, freight forwarding and logistics, ship chartering and brokerage, port services, stevedoring, storage and international trade.
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Our Our Vision & Mission
To maintain and develop our leading position in the transportation and logistics sector in Türkiye and replicate our local achievements globally.

To be a company that aims at the highest standards in the transportation and logistics sector with its customer service-oriented philosophy, people-oriented corporate culture and environmentally-focused sense of responsibility.
Our Our goal is; the whole world!
With its 77-year-old history and growing business volume, KINAY will continue to make strides in the global arena as a player in the international shipping and logistics world. Our strength comes from our employees, customers and business partners.