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Our policies
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Our policies

Our quality policy
Our quality policy

  • We undertake to meet the needs and expectations of our customers with the goal of sustainable growth,
  • to comply with the conditions of our quality management system, to constantly improve the quality management system,
  • to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level without compromising our service quality under any circumstances,
  • to adapt to innovations quickly and effectively in order to be a pioneer in our sector and continue this process,
  • to provide quality solutions to our customers by ensuring that our employees are actively involved in every stage of the processes,
  • to continue to uphold these principles as an important element of the company culture by encouraging the use of the philosophy of Process Approach and Risk Based Thinking throughout the organization for an effective quality management system,
  • to fulfill our legal and financial obligations in sustainable solution processes.
Our Environmental Policy
Our Environmental Policy

  • In all Kınay companies, we undertake to act with the awareness of our responsibilities towards the environment and society for a sustainable life in line with our values and principles,
  • by creating a sense of common responsibility through trainings on the environment, to ensure that all our employees, from top management to the lowest unit, take an active role in environmentally sensitive activities,
  • to identify, at the source, the environmental risks that may occur during the services we provide and to eliminate them in accordance with the legal regulations,
  • to use resources efficiently and effectively for a more livable world,
  • to reduce the use of natural resources and to minimize the damage to the soil, water and air,
  • to meet the expectations of our internal and external stakeholders regarding environmental targets by constantly improving our environmental awareness,
  • to regard all environmental regulations in force as a minimum and to ensure a higher level of compliance,
  • in line with the identified objectives and targets, to implement the environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard and to ensure its continuity and improvement.
Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • While planning the services we offer, we organize occupational health and safety activities and take precautions with a proactive approach in order to protect our employees and related parties.
  • We regard legal and other requirements as minimum standards, and continuously monitor, measure and improve compliance.
  • Occupational Health and Safety is our first priority in all operations; we express this approach with the slogan "Protect Your Health, Protect Your Job".
  • We take the necessary measures to prevent occupational diseases, work accidents, injuries and health deterioration; and carry out programs involving actions to reduce and manage risks.
  • In order to center all our activities around a sense of responsibility and common approach, we organize trainings to raise the awareness of our employees and related parties and encourage them to participate in the system.
  • We constantly monitor and measure emergency equipment in order to protect our employees and stakeholders from major accidents such as fire and explosion that may occur during the services we provide.
  • Together with all our colleagues in the organization, we undertake to create and develop a corporate culture that supports the expected results of the OHS management system and to manage it in a sustainable manner.