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Limser Port Services Ltd. Co.

Limser Port Services Ltd. Co.

Limser was established in 2009 as part of the KINAY to carry out port operations and related logistics activities. The company has positioned all its operational activities in this region in order to provide quality service to the developing container transportation in the Aliağa Region. Limser has become one of the leading companies in its sector with its experienced staff and 22 self-owned handling equipment.

104 Experienced Staff
24 Self-owned Handling Equipment
800.00 TEU Operation Capacity
40,000 M 2 and 10,000 M 2. Two Land Terminals

limser Since the establishment of TCE EGE Container Terminal, Limser has provided port services both in CFS and in sub-ship works.
Included the CFS services are;
  • Container loading/unloading by machine or workforce,
  • Lashing/unlashing,
  • Full evaluation/inspection services,
  • Depot services,
  • Project lashing services,
  • In-terminal transfer vehicle provision
. In ship operations, the following services are offered;
  • Off-ship terminal vehicle provision,
  • Steersmanship,
  • Twist-lock labor,
  • Lashing on the ship,
  • Staff provision, including off-ship timekeeper services.
Limser Off-Dock Terminal
Limser Off-Dock Terminal, situated on a 23.000 m2 stabilized and 17.000 m2 concrete field, has an operating license and serves with the following,
  • One empty container handling machine over 5,
  • Two full container handling machines over 5,
  • Two 33-ton forklifts,
  • One 16-ton forklift,
  • One 9-ton forklift,
  • Three skid-steers,
  • One wheel loader,
  • Two 5-ton, one 3.5-ton and eight 3-ton forklifts.
Empty Container Storage Services
  • Admission to the warehouse and conditioning of empty containers,
  • Stacking according to their condition,
  • If necessary, washing, repair, PTI services,
  • Delivery of suitable containers to line customers,
  • Positioning of empty containers from/to ports upon request,
  • Daily-weekly-monthly reporting .
All these activities are reported instantly to the line and, if necessary, to the ports via EDI.

limser In the Limser Off-Dock Terminal area, container loading/unloading services are offered using machinery/manpower for palletized or packaged products as well as bulk product groups.
  • Stocking
  • Blending of different lots
  • Sampling
  • Weighing
  • Separation and covering
  • According to the customers request, loading into trucks in bulk or filling in containers
  • Loading services at bulk ports
Having business partnerships with Türkiye s leading shipowners, continuing to grow in a rapid and dynamic way and gaining an important position especially in İzmir and the Aegean Region with its ever-increasing investments, Limser is preparing an additional storage area of 10,000 square meters in Aliağa for 2022 in order to respond to the requirements of the region. The Company aims to continuously expand the range of services it offers to its customers, taking into consideration the experience of its dynamic team.

In this context, Limser Project Cargo team is able to meet all the logistics needs of all kinds of project cargo from the factory to the ship.
  • Packaging (Shrink Wrap / Aluminum Wrap)
  • Cratering
  • Handling
  • Storage
  • Pre/post transport
  • Connecting, fixing flat rack, open top or break bulk loads
  • Branding
The materials used during all these services are brand new products that are approved by accredited organizations, comply with all global standards such as CTU code, and imported from world-renowned brands.
Gülgün Dede
Gülgün Dede Commercial & Operations Manager +90 530 284 87 02