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KTL  International  Transport And Trading Inc.

KTL International Transport And Trading Inc.

KTL, which has grown in a short time and become a reputable name in the sector with the transport services it offers to the Turkish export market, established KTL International (KTL INTL) in 2012 in order to extend this success to the world of import and export by air freight and import by ocean freight.

Our goal is to become the representative of the global logistics world in Turkiye! .

Representing the international face of Kınay Transport and Logistics, KTL International shares the same business approach and working model and offers privileged transportation and logistics services to its customers around the world.

With its young and dynamic team and international experience, KTL International aims to blend the customer and quality-oriented philosophy of Kınay Transport with the strength and reliability of Kınay, and to carry it to a wide geography stretching from the Far East to Europe and the USA.

KTL International aims to carry the trust relationship KINAY has established with its customers in Türkiye to the world, and to position the “KINAY” brand among the world leaders by collaborating with countries that share the same ideal.

Playing a complementary role within the framework of Kınay's general service approach, KTL International also directly supports Kınay's goal of establishing a “regional network”. KTL aims to complete the regional and global integration of its network by expanding the already existing subsidiaries in the Benelux, UK, Thailand, Vietnam, China and the USA.