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Storage Services

Storage Services
Storage Services Storage is a service provided for the protection of goods and products, typically over a longer period. In storage services that vary according to sector needs, the most important point is to accurately determine the requirements of the business area. Besides, using resources with maximum efficiency and having storage equipment consisting of innovative and high-performing products that are tailored to the needs are fundamental principles of successful warehouse management. The storage types used in logistic storage include open, closed, and cold storage facilities. In addition to these, there is also the bonded warehouse service used for the products to be transferred abroad. Kınay has been serving as a leader in the transportation and logistics sector for 77 years. Only in Türkiye?

Established in 2009 within Kınay, Limser Liman Servisleri ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. aims to develop both port operations and the related logistics sector.

Sectoral Storage Solutions

Logistics storage is a crucial point in various industries. It has a significant impact on many areas, especially customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The solutions that are important in logistics storage and are essential for the proper functioning of the supply chain are as follows:

In storage, keeping the products at the right time and in the right quantities is crucial for continuity.

In order to make the products in the warehouse more easily accessible, they need to be ready before shipment. This reduces shipping times and shortens the delivery time of the product or goods to the customer.

To create customer satisfaction, it's important to store and ship products in an undamaged manner. Besides, delivering the product correctly and on time builds trust and meets customer demands effectively.

Logistics storage is extremely important for distributors, manufacturers and suppliers as it reduces the total cost of operations and makes the process more efficient.

By positioning all of its operational activities in Aliağa and Samurlu regions, Limser aims to advance the developing container transportation in this region with the quality services we offer. Since 2010, we have been handling and storing various cargoes from containers to bulk cargoes with our extensive machinery fleet, 23.000 m? of stabilized area, and 17.000 m? of concrete area.

Our Storage Services

We offer quality service in the logistics sector through Limser, which we have developed with our new investments. With our dynamic team, we continuously improve our service area becoming the preferred choice for various fields such as bulk mineral storage, container ship operations, general cargo loads like transformers and blades, and leasing of empty container depots. We also offer free zone storage services to suit your needs. Limser's other services in the storage sector are as follows:

In ship operations; we provide services such as on board lashing, under-ship transfer vehicle supply, under-ship tallying services, twist-lock working and steering.

In the field of empty container storage, we provide services such as delivering suitable containers to customers, accepting empty containers to the warehouse and grouping them based on their condition, positioning empty containers to and from ports upon request, offering washing, repair, and PTI services when necessary, as well as providing daily, weekly, and monthly reporting services.

Regarding CFS services, we offer warehouse services, container loading and unloading using both machinery and manual labor, complete detection and inspection services, supply of in-terminal transfer vehicles, as well as lashing/unlashing and project lashing services. Apart from these, Limser also serves bulk product groups in the Off-Dock Terminal area.

Utilizing our extensive supply network, we offer a range of services tailored to your cargo's needs, ensuring high-quality service through our strong collaboration with ports. In this context, one of our primary responsibilities is to minimize inventory costs through the utilization of economies of scale. With this responsibility, the services we provide through our trained and experienced personnel are insured against possible damages and losses during storage, handling and transport. We continue to share our experience with all our business partners for more than 10 years with the right personnel, necessary machinery, optimum location and quality service without risking our business.

At the same time, we also offer our customers P.O management, high visibility international air freight and sea freight solutions, shipping from the main ports/airports of the USA to our warehouse, inventory visibility and unloading operations, connection to e-commerce omni sales channels with our KTL USA warehouse located 20 minutes away from New York Port. If you want to further explore the services of Limser and KTL USA, please visit their respective web pages.