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LCL with Kınay

Limser, Aliağa’daki İkinci Deposunu Samurlu’da Açtı! Freight transport in international trade is carried out under certain standards. These standards and all the related processes are based on the rate at which your cargo fills the containers. Containers of 20 and 40 are used in cargo freight. By filling these containers, you can send your cargo from anywhere to any destination around the world. But there will also be times when your cargo cannot fill the full volume of the container. In this case, the most economical and effective transport module will be LCL (Less Than Container Load). While one customer uses a certain area of the container, another customer or customers can load the remaining areas. Space-sharing in the container is an economical and effective alternative; it also helps build a better commercial relationship with your customers by ensuring timely delivery.

With its experience in LCL (less than container load) freight, Kınay Transport and Logistics Inc. offers weekly import and export consolidation services to and from all major countries in the world. We provide direct and connecting services to the ports of UK, USA, Beirut, Casablanca, Ashdod, Novorossiysk, Alexandria, Toronto, Montreal, Jebel Ali, Aqaba (direct) and Kuwait (via Jebel Ali).

We take our strength from our 75 years of experience, the competitive rates we offer to our customers against our competitors and the support we give through all operational stages. Our relationships with the main shipping lines and direct services between many ports around the world ensure that our customers obtain optimal pick-up and closing windows and fast transit times, while keeping our freight rates low.