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Kınay Youth Council (KGK), which was established in 2021 and is the newest and most innovative face of KINAY, aims to build a bridge between generations within the company and to be more productive and efficient by creating a dynamic and fun working environment.

KGK, which reports to Barış Dillioğlu, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Kınay, and which is open to all KINAY employees under the age of 35, spearheads many activities focused on education, social responsibility, sports, social activity, art, innovation and technology. All young KINAY employees can become members of the KGK and, if elected, take part in the Council’s Board of Directors.

Aiming to reinforce the We Are 1 spirit, KGK is based on the principle of voluntary participation and has adopted three main values.

KGK aims to bring together the realistic, practical, self-confident, creative and dynamic nature of young employees who are just starting to climb the career ladder, with the experience, loyalty and idealism of employees who have been in business for many years. It adopts as its mission to provide equality in the work life through its program and activities. The Council holds the belief that when all the loops come together, they will form a solid chain and that each end can be joined by a bridge.

Young KGK argues that young employees will bring an innovative perspective to the organizational culture and strengthen the communication within the organization. Through its structure, clubs and activities, it aims to convey the We Are 1spirit to all levels, by serving young colleagues and the organizational culture.

Innovator KGK believes in the awareness of differences and the richness of diversity. It believes in the power of combining experience and innovation, tradition and creativity, idealistic perspectives and realistic approaches. With the vision based on its foundational values, the Council pioneers in unveiling of the talents of young colleagues and aims to raise KINAY above world standards in all fields..